Sunday, September 23, 2012

small group

We met up with our small group on Thursday to celebrate a birthday and discuss our new study for the fall. The kids almost out number the adults.  Emmy and Keagan aren't in the picture and one of the moms is due soon!
The boys were the first to the table to get cake!

The girls were quite content to continue playing games. 
Didn't take Emmy long to find the cake.  We totally would not have let Bryce have cake at this age, ha! 

After we met, Jason let everyone take a spin around the church parking lot on his new bike.  A friend of his put a motor on a bike and gave it to him.  It has been quite the entertainment around here.  You won't catch me on that thing!

The kids preferred playing rather than watching the dads ride the bike.

Rosabeth, this picture if for you. Emmy had no interest in smiling for the picture, but she looked so cute in the dress you gave her. Thanks!


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