Saturday, September 1, 2012

opening day

So today marks the opening day of dove and September goose season.  You can bet it was like Christmas for Jason.  Unfortunately, the corn around here hasn't been cut so Jason didn't have a good place to go goose hunting today.  However, he was able to go dove hunting and Bryce tagged along for his first ever "hunt".  Jason has dreamed of this day since our first ultrasound revealed Bryce would be a boy!

Bryce went back and forth all day as to whether or not he was going to go, but he pulled through and had a good time.  I personally couldn't believe, being Jason's child, Bryce didn't have any camo attire for the event.  They put together an acceptable outfit and Bryce wore his headphones, safety glasses, and took his toy gun with him.  Jason let Bryce do the calling.  Bryce even "shot" at one when it flew by.  He was so proud of himself!

I'm glad my boys will have something fun to share an interest in.  I'm even more glad I have a little girl who will hopefully share my interests!  Be my luck, Emmy will want to hunt too!

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La Dolce Vita said...

Too cute! It was like Christmas for my husband too and all he talked about was how he couldn't wait for Cade to be that age so he could go with him :) So fun and I'm definitely going to need a "side kick" one day bc Cade will be right there with his daddy all. the. time, but I'm like you - if we ever have a girl I will try to make her super girly and she will probably just want to wear Carhart, camo and hunt too! ha!