Monday, September 3, 2012

weekend projects

We have been busy around here this weekend!  Unfortunately, I didn't take any before pictures so my after pictures won't really mean anything to anyone but me, ha!
We have talked about doing a little landscaping in our front yard since we moved to our new house two years ago.  We FINALLY did something about it this weekend.  The grass used to come all the way up to the bushes and Jason never had a clear path to do the weed eater.  Jason got some landscaping bricks (thanks Kelly and Dave) and made a defined bed around the bushes.  We had some liriope, but I didn't like how the previous owners had it spaced so I pulled it up.  The bushes have not grown to be the same size so I didn't want to plant anything because I didn't think it would look uniform.  We're going to wait until next year and trim the bushes way back and then I'm going to replant the liriope where I want it and add some flowers.

Our play room has been out of control for the majority of the summer.  We have not spent much time in there and when we do, I get so overwhelmed by the mess that I just leave it!  I finally got the energy to tackle the mess this weekend!  Bryce's train table used to be in front of the sofa and it seemed like it took up all the space in the room.  I decided to move it to the nook of the dormer window to open up some space.  The room is huge now!
We got rid of our old out of date tv since we cancelled our cable and can't watch anything on it.  This freed up a space in the corner where I set up a learning center for Bryce.  I brought a few things home from school that I knew I could use with him.  Hopefully on the days that he doesn't go to school, I can convince him to do calendar time and some word work to help reinforce what he's learning at school.  (I have to make July and August signs since I didn't need them when I was teaching!).

I made another pinterest inspired creation today (peanut butter pretzel balls).
 I thought it would be fun for Bryce to take his teachers a little something on the first day of school tomorrow.   I know I always enjoyed getting treats from my students.

Hope your labor day weekend has been as relaxing and productive as ours.  I'm excited that I'm not going back to school tomorrow.  I'm not going to miss the stress that consumed me from September to June when I was teaching.  Now my only care in the world is how I'm going to watch the Hokies beat Georgia Tech tonight since we got rid of cable and don't have ESPN anymore!

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