Thursday, August 25, 2011

two and a half

Bryce is 2 and a half today.  How did this happen?  We went to the doctor today for his check-up and he did great.  He weighed 28 pounds (25th percentile) and was 34 inches tall (10th percentile).  He is still a shorty like his Mama and Dada, but he did jump up a little in weight!  He weighed 25.3 pounds and was 33 inches at his two year check up.  They had flu vaccines ready today so Bryce was able to get his.  He was able to choose between the mist and the shot this year and he obviously went for the mist!  I always want Bryce to show off how much he knows when he goes to the doctor, but they rarely ask him to do much and I don't want to look like the crazy parent that tries to get their kid to perform, but the doctor did tell me that his reasoning skills were very good for his age!  It was a great visit and Bryce left happily with his dinosaur sticker and yellow lollipop!     

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