Wednesday, August 24, 2011

picnics and puzzles

We headed out to Jason's work for a picnic lunch today to enjoy this cooler weather we are having!  This is the last time we'll get to have a picnic since school starts next week.  I'm so sad!  Bryce got a new puzzle today so he brought it to lunch with him so DaDa could help him!

Speaking of puzzles, that is all Bryce is interested in these days.  Most of the puzzles we have are just simple puzzles with pegs.  We only have one puzzle that you have to work and fit the pieces together.  Bryce has mastered it this week and has been dying to get a new one.  It took me a few days to find a challenging one, but I did.  He has just about mastered this one too! 

We had a picnic with Chase and Taylor last week and I just found this picture on my camera so I decided to include it in today's theme.

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