Sunday, August 28, 2011

so long, Irene

If an earthquake wasn't enough for one week, we also survived a hurricane.  Irene came in like a lion early Saturday morning and did her thing before leaving early this morning and leaving downed trees and a beautiful day!  Our power went out about 2:30 yesterday afternoon, but we have a generator that allows us to keep a few things running.  We kept the fridge cold and the tv on since the cable hadn't gone out.  It didn't have enough power to run the microwave so we roasted hot dogs over our fireplace since we have propane heat! 

We gave the generator a rest after dinner so it wouldn't run out of gas since we weren't sure when the power would be back on and we didn't have extra gas (it's our first time using it, we're still learning).  We played around the house while we still had daylight and then Bryce watched some Blues Clues on the portable DVD player.  Jason hooked up the generator so we would have lights to get Bryce ready for bed and then we watched a little tv before going to bed too.  It was a long night in a hot, quiet house with no fans to lull us to sleep.  Not to mention the roar of the wind and not being able to see what was happening outside the house.  We were up by 6:30 and walked around the neighborhood to survey the damage and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

Unfortunately our neighbors tree came down on our shed during the storm.  Luckily it didn't do any damage to it and only destroyed a few of the fence pickets.  Fortunately, there was no other damage to our house or yard from the storm!

Jason got right to work with the chain saw this morning and cut up the tree.  The neighbor and his son helped him load it all on a trailer and he has already been to the dump to unload the debris.  He's out now waiting in line to get me gas (if he can find any) since I missed the memo about filling up the car BEFORE the storm.

Luckily we have had our cell phones (with internet) to keep us up to speed on what's going on because we still don't have power and the cable finally went out so we would of been disconnected from everything.  We're spending the afternoon and probably night at my parent's house because they only lost power for a short time and it has already been restored.  A neighbor told us this morning that he heard we were scheduled to get ours back Tuesday between 12-7.  This should make for a very interesting start to my school year tomorrow.  This is our work week to prepare for the kids coming back next Tuesday.  Should be interesting.

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