Thursday, August 11, 2011

anything and everything

I've been a bit of a blog slacker recently.  It's not that we haven't been doing anything, I just haven't been taking pictures of it.  Bryce found some of my old "Where's Waldo" books and has absolutely fallen in love with them.  He has memorized where he is on every page and has his finger on Waldo before I can even get the new page all the way flipped open!

For quite some time, Bryce has enjoyed making a pile with anything he can get his hands on; pillows, blankets, you name it!  This weekend he had all the pillows from our bedroom piled high and he was jumping into the "water".  Jason tried to get an action shot of him flying through the air.

The major reason I don't have many photos to post is because someone, I won't mention any names, (whenever I say that around Bryce he says "me"), doesn't want his picture taken!  Which brings me to some other funny things he has said recently. 

I wanted to write them down so I don't forget:
This morning out of no where he said, "Mama, why does Nana call you Grace Page?"  I had to explain that when I was little I went by my first and middle name!

The other day while riding his bike on the driveway he stopped and said he needed to go a different direction.  Then he said, "a different direction is a detour".  Yep, that's my two year old!

One night he was digging in the dirt and stopped and said, "We sure are finding a lot of interesting things out here."
He got new Cars pajamas from my parents the other day and when he was telling Jason about them he said, "Nana and Pap must really love me!"
We go to my parent's house everyday to let their dogs out at lunchtime and on the way home we pass our friends Justin and Beth's house.  Today there was a different car parked in the driveway and Bryce asked me if Beth got a new car.  So observant. 

This is the best I got!

It is probably a good thing that I'm going back to school in two weeks because my credit card has been busy (spending mostly birthday money, of course) decorating our house.  We have been in this house a year and I just can't get used to the fact that we lived in our old house for 7 years and had it decorated just the way we wanted and then had to start over from scratch because the old stuff doesn't go in the new house.  During the school year I don't mind it because I don't have time to look at the house or work on it.  However, during the summer I have all day to dream about what I want to do.  After undertaking the bathroom a few weeks ago, I decided to give Jason a break and tackle something I could handle.  That leads me to our foyer.  Of course I don't have a before picture, but it just had a plan oval, glass mirror and a small animal themed bench (Bryce's).

Here it is as a "work in progress".  I got the Table from Target and the mirror and lamp from Home Goods.  I'm still looking for the perfect decorations for the table top and shelf.  You can't see the rest, but I want to get a new light fixture and a new rug.  I'm planning on giving the credit card a little break until we get started on a new nursery or big boy room (depending on the gender of baby #2).

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