Wednesday, August 24, 2011

16 weeks

Definitely look more pregnant this week, but I swear it depends on the outfit.

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 16 weeks
Maternity Clothes: I’m loving my maternity jeans and ruched maternity tops.  Other than that, I’m not enjoying picking out my clothes each day.
Gender: We have our ultrasound on Tuesday, September 20th.  Hoping to see a healthy baby boy or girl.
Movement: Maybe, but not totally sure.
Sleep: Pretty good!
Cravings: Nothing really; just healthy foods and smaller portions at a time.
Symptoms: I can tell my belly is getting bigger and I just feel pregnant.  Not in a bad way, but I just feel pregnant.  Guess that’s a good thing!
Total Weight Gain: 5.5 pounds (I had gained 13 pounds at this point when I was pregnant with Bryce.  I have things better under control this time!)
What I Miss: Nothing really at the moment.
Best Moment of the Week: Spending my last week of summer vacation doing fun things with Bryce!
What I'm Looking Forward to: our ultrasound

Bryce really wanted to be in the picture this week so Jason got a good belly shot with him!

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Melissa said...

Yay! You're starting to show! And I can't wait to hear what you're having.