Monday, May 31, 2010

weekend: part 2

The second part of our weekend was just as nice as the first. I could get used to 3 day weekends (or summer close I can taste it). I was able to get a lot of cleaning and laundry done on Sunday. Here is a picture of Bryce riding a horse in the nursery at church. After church we went to a family cook out and then came home and spent the evening in the backyard.

Jason went fishing with a friend today so Bryce and I met Chase, Kelly, Taylor and MeMaw at the pool. We had a nice time, but Bryce didn't have a great start. Apparently it isn't as easy for him to walk in a pool as it is on land. He lost his balance and went face first into the water 3 times in the first minute he was in the pool. What a horrible mother. At least he never came up coughing, just wiping his eyes.

Hopefully he will love the water.

We finished Memorial Day with another family cookout and then a trip to a yummy ice cream shop to treat ourselves to a little weight loss treat. For those of you keeping up with our biggest loser competition, I lost another 1.6 pounds (total weight loss = 6 pounds) and Jason lost .8 pounds. I'm clearly the winner thus far! Guess I better go lift a few weights and burn off the ice cream calories.

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