Sunday, May 16, 2010

ducks and geese

Jason has been talking about the ducks, geese, and baby geese that live in the ponds near his office for weeks now. He wanted really badly to take Bryce out to see them before the babies got too big. Today we went for a picnic lunch and a walk around the pond to feed the ducks and geese.
Snacking on some of DaDa's milkshake before the walk.

These were the newest set of babies. The other babies have gotten much bigger.

Checking out the ducks. He kept saying "pet". I was surprised he was brave enough to get close enough to touch one. He kept his hands off, though.

This is a sport my boys will enjoy together for the rest of their lives. Of course it will involve guns when Bryce is a little older. Sorry to the animal lovers out there (Mama).

Bryce loves to crouch down and scare everything and say "boo".

I'm pretty sure Bryce would have jumped right in if we had let him. He was not scared of the geese like he was of the animals at the last petting zoo.

What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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