Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day

I had a great Mother's Day weekend. My Mother's Day present was getting Bryce's bedroom finished and him all moved in and an umbrella and stand for the deck table. I will post pictures of Bryce's room after I hang a few more things and when the umbrella gets here (we had it shipped because our store was out of stock). Today we went to lunch with Jason's family to celebrate with his mom and then we had my family over for dinner to celebrate with my mom. It was a great day!
We had hoped to go to Maymont like we did last year and get an annual Mother's Day picture, but we had errands to run after Bryce's nap so we took him to a local park instead. It was a very windy day!

Here we are last Mother's Day. Just look at those tiny little feet. It is so unbelievable the difference a year makes.

Bryce looked like such a big boy today in his striped polo shirt.

Bryce falls more and more in love with the pool everyday.

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