Saturday, May 22, 2010

pickin' strawberries

I remember picking strawberries when I was little. We used to always go to the Ashland Berry Farm to pick strawberries in the summer. Or so I thought it was the summer. We decided to go pick some strawberries today. Unfortunately the Ashland Berry Farm no longer does pick your own strawberries. Jason and I went to a local pick your own farm a few years ago and we had hoped to go there today, but they were already out of strawberries for the season. So maybe I didn't go in the summer when I was little.......early spring maybe? We ended up going to another local pick your own farm instead. It was not a great experience.

These berries were right in front of us when we got out of the car so we let Bryce go ahead and pick a few. Turns out, children under 12 were not allowed to be in the field. WHAT?!? How do you make it a family experience when your child has to play on the dilapidated play set while you pick?! We were only able to pick because Jason could watch Bryce while I picked.

We let him break the rules and pick a few more because he was just having so much fun!

The pickin' was fun, but the eatin' was better!

We got enough strawberries to make a strawberry pie. I have my Nanny's recipe and it is the best.
Strawberry Pie
Bring 3T cornstarch, 1c sugar, 1c water, and 3T strawberry Jello to a boil, then cool. Put 1 quart cut strawberries in a baked pie shell and then pour mixture over and chill. We always top it with cool whip. YUM!

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