Wednesday, May 5, 2010

house saga

For those of you still keeping up with our house saga, we have yet to close on the old house. I'm really not even sure I know the whole situation anymore. What I do know is that the buyer's bank will not sign off on anything that states there is a problem or could someday be a problem with the well/water. All tests currently show that the water is perfectly safe. We just need all parties involved to state that the water is fine and not mention anything about the future. We have been given the run around for months now and we are no closer to closing and we aren't really sure we will ever close with these buyers and their type of loan. We are so tired of dealing with this headache because all the other everyday happenings (like Bryce being sickish and our credit card number getting stolen) are enough to keep us busy. Hopefully our luck will turn up in this situation one day soon and we will be rid of this phase in our life.

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A Wedding Story said...

Oh man, that's awful!!! When will the insanity stop?