Sunday, May 30, 2010

weekend: part 1

Jason watched Bryce, Taylor and Chase for a little while on Friday. Looks like Chase and Bryce will be future duck/goose callers, too!

Friday was Nana's birthday so we had dinner at Red Lobster and then came home for some strawberry pie. Bryce enjoyed the cool whip.


Opening presents and being silly.

Jason and Bryce planted some blackberry bushes yesterday morning. Jason heard Bryce say "mmm" so he turned around and Bryce had a spoon full of dirt in his mouth. Who takes spoons outside anyway?!?

Helping DaDa dig holes for the plants.

He wanted to be right in the middle of things.

Macy enjoyed being outside, too.

After the boys got cleaned up from yard work we took Bryce to see Sesame Street Live. I was worried Bryce would get bored after five minutes and then be done. He did pretty well during the first half of the show, but he fell asleep after intermission.

Bryce loves "Elbo"

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A Wedding Story said...

What a good little helper!!!