Saturday, June 5, 2010

we need a pool

Bryce has found a new use for the water table. He is no longer content standing around the table and playing with the toys. Today he decided he was going to go for a swim. He climbed right in all by himself!
He hates getting his face wet in the bath tub when I rinse out the shampoo, but he could care less when he pours water all over his head.

There is a small slide in the table for the toy animals to go down. Bryce thinks it's for him. He sits in the top level of the table (like he was in the first picture) then he holds on and moves down to the lower part of the table and says "weee" (like he's sliding). It's so cute, but I've got to get him a real pool with a real slide.

Getting a refreshing drink of water! It is HOT today.

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