Wednesday, June 23, 2010

our day

It's day 3 of summer vacation and we haven't slowed down yet. We had a picnic lunch at Nana's office today. Bryce enjoyed sharing Nana's bologna sandwich with her, too.
Bryce has not been the best napper these days so I have been playing around with his nap schedule. We went back to the normal routine today and he took a great morning nap, but he refused to take an afternoon nap. After an hour of him playing in his crib and a bit of crying, I tried to get him to nap with me and he wasn't having any part of it. I have been trying to let Bryce play outside in the mornings since it is SO hot here this week. We just had to get outside this afternoon so we filled up the pool and went for a swim.
He took some time out of his swimming to water Jason's blackberries. I'm not sure they are going to make it through this heat wave.

I wish life was as easy as eating on the floor and making a million trips to the pool to fill a watering can, but it's not! As our buyers/renters prepare to move out this weekend, Jason and I are feeling the weight of this debacle. We're not worried about the money (for now), but the potential to actually sell the house again, under the current circumstance (torn up front yard and little hope of growing grass in the summer heat). I know "this too shall pass", but sooner rather than later would be better!

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