Wednesday, June 9, 2010

catching up

Jason and I weighed in on Monday. I lost. I lost weight, but I also was not the winner this week. I only lost .2 pounds and Jason lost .4 pounds. At least nobody gained weight!
Bryce looked so cute with his legs hanging out of the gate. Of course by the time I got back to him with the camera, he had moved and this is all I got.

Bryce enjoyed wearing Jason's softball gloves at the game the other night. We're going to see Nutzy and the Flying Squirrels tomorrow night. Bryce can't wait!

We had dinner at Kelly and Dave's last night for Dave's birthday.

Vickie brought this hat back from Cancun.

Bryce went to the "mump" (dump) in the truck with Da Da tonight. I think he looked forward to it all day.

Bryce was feeling much better today. He was running a fever last night. We think it was teething related. He is currently getting 4 top teeth (2 molars, and 2 others....I don't know what they are). I only have 7 more days of school and I can't wait to be home with Bryce for 2 months!

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