Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Bryce loves coloring and writing a B. He has finally given up trying to eat crayons and he actually wants to use them the correct way. I keep the crayons at the computer desk and whenever I'm at the computer he comes up to me and says "colors" (he means crayons). He was going through the computer paper and Jason's books (oops) very quickly so I bought him a coloring book. The only bad thing was when he colored on the floor, he was not good about staying on the paper (at least it was crayons and not markers) so I decided to buy him a table for coloring.

The table came today so I put him right to work. How many crayon marks do you think will be on the wall before I have to move the table?!?

I thought his little feet looked so cute dangling from the chair.

He didn't stay interested in coloring at the table for long. He was on the move with the furniture before long.

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