Monday, June 21, 2010

busy first day of summer

I was inspired by Kelly over at Kelly's Korner so I decided to copy her idea for a blog post today. My first day of summer has been a busy one. I think I got carried away last night when I was making my to-do list, but I was just so excited to finally have time to do some of the things that have been backing up on me.

Other than the fact that Bryce didn't get much play time today, the list was very "doable". However I don't think I can go at this speed all summer and I don't really want to. I want Bryce's days to be filled with playing and learning rather than riding in the car from stop to stop so I can get a to-do list checked off.

I managed to complete everything on the list except the laundry. I have done 2-3 loads, but I just can't seem to get caught up this week. I usually do all the laundry on Sunday and it works out fine. However, we are dirtying up more things since we are working at VBS this week so it's understandable. Tomorrow will probably be just as busy since it's Jason's birthday, but hopefully next week once VBS is over we can relax a little. Hope everyone had a great first day of summer.

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