Thursday, June 24, 2010

library visit

I took Bryce to the library for story time today. He had a lot of fun and he was very well behaved. They had carpet squares set up in a circle around the room and Bryce was excited to sit on a turtle carpet. I was worried that he wouldn't sit still and would try to wander around the room, especially since other kids were. However, he sat great until the very end and I let him get up and dance to the songs.
Once he got up, he found a whale carpet to sit on in the middle of the circle. I was kind of glad he did that because I didn't really want to go out in the middle of the circle to take his picture when he was sitting on his turtle carpet like a good boy!

When story time was over, we went out into the library and did a puzzle, picked out a few books to check out, read a few books, and played with the toys.

Bryce was excited to read the Spot book on the way home. We don't have any Spot books at home, but Kelly must have had some because as soon as he saw the book on the shelf, he yelled Spot. Guess we'll have to get some of our own.

And not a minute later, I looked back and Bryce was asleep. I considered laying him in his crib when I got home but he never stays asleep so I sat down on the sofa thinking he would wake up any minute. Turns out we both got a great nap on the sofa since he slept for an hour and a half.

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A Wedding Story said...

Love that last picture! He's so cute :)