Wednesday, May 28, 2014

welcome summer

I've recently noticed that people refer to Memorial Day as the start of summer.  However, with schools in Virginia not getting out until mid June, it never seemed like the start of summer.  But now that Bryce is in preschool and he was done with school last week, it really does feel like summer!  And with the warm temperatures, it REALLY feels like summer.  All that to say, we had our first summer pool day at Nana and Pap's pool today.  Nana bought the kids new hats and Emmy some goggles.  They sure were ready for the pool.
It took Bryce MANY summers and swimming lessons to finally be comfortable in the water.  Emmy has been a little fish since her toes touched the water.  Funny how they're so different!

My boy!

Lounging by the pool before heading home.  Poor Emmy didn't make it out of the neighborhood before she was sleep!

Bryce stayed at Nana and Pap's the rest of the day because he didn't want to miss out on any of Nana's birthday fun.  Happy Birthday, Nana!

We're excited about a great summer!

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