Thursday, May 8, 2014

pump it up

We attended our fifth Pump it Up birthday party for this school year.  Four were for friends in Bryce's class and one was his cousin Taylor's.  All the kids seem to love these parties and it gives us moms tons of time to talk!
I love this close up picture Barbara got of Bryce and Emmy.  If you look close enough, Bryce has his arm around her.  Such a great big brother.

Poor Emmy LOVES inflatables but she doesn't meet the height requirements for this particular place and it makes for a LONG party.  They have a preschool area in each room, but after about 10 minutes she's over it.

All boys, except Emmy and another classmate's sister were there for the party.  Girls were invited, it just turned out that none of them could come!

If pizza and cupcakes weren't enough fun, we headed to Sweet Frog afterwards to cool off from all the fun.  Of course, the temperatures finally soared and it wasn't so cool outside while we ate!

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