Sunday, May 4, 2014

company picnic

Jason's company had a family picnic today at a local YMCA.  There were tons of fun things for families.  Emmy wanted to start off at the playground.
Jason's boss happens to be his cousin's wife so it's always fun to hang out with them and their kids at work events.  Sweet little Sarah will be going to kindergarten with Bryce next year.  We're hoping they end up in the same class!

Bryce and Jason headed straight to the pond for some fishing when we go there.

Luckily, Emmy and I got there it time to see Bryce's first ever catch (all on his own).

Next up was a little archery.

With a little help from Jason, he hit the target.  He insisted on wearing this shirt because he knew there would be archery.

A little rope climbing.

Bryce wasn't willing to try it out (even though he could do it when he took gymnastics), but Emmy wasn't going to be left out.

Our little athlete.

All the kiddos.

They even had a bounce house.

Cheers!  No better way to cool off than a snow cone.

And a little cotton candy to finish the day!

A sticky, sweet face!

Happy Sunday!

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Shipley Mommy said...

This looks like an epic company picnic! Everything (but the dead fish) looks so fun! Jason is clearly blessed with having these great people for employers!