Wednesday, May 7, 2014

airport field trip

My MOPS group went on a field trip to the county airport yesterday.  The kids enjoyed learning about the airplanes and there were quite a few taking off and landing while we were there. 
Bryce was the only one brave enough to participate.  Emmy was attached to my hip all morning.  That's why she's not in any of the pictures.

The kids were not allowed to touch anything which made it a challenge, but our tour guide did open up one of the planes and let the kids take a look inside.

This was Bryce's favorite plane.  It's a sea plane so it's engine is on the top. 


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Shipley Mommy said...

This looks super fun and Thomas would have loved to be so up close and personal with those airplanes (although the no touching thing would have killed him, and driven me insane trying to keep his hands to himself.) So glad you guys have such fun with MOPS!