Saturday, May 3, 2014

iphone dump

It's been over a week since I pulled out either of my cameras, but I have snapped a few blog worthy photos on my phone recently. 
Emmy looking super cute two Fridays ago before we went to the track.  The race track, not the horse track like the hat would lead you to believe!
Jason enjoys bowfishing and has quite the set up for it on his boat.  He was finally ready to go out for the first time this season, but no one was able to go with him.  It just so happened that the kids were spending the night out last Saturday so I decided to go with him.  I brought one of my girlfriends along for the ride.  I hadn't planned to actually fish, but finally gave it a try and after about 5 failed attempts, I shot one.  I'm not going to lie, it was pretty exciting!

Our church had a family kite flying day last Sunday.  We flew kites, went on a hayride, fished, and had dinner.  Of course the only picture I took was of Emmy being brave enough to touch one of Jason's catches!

We went out to dinner the other night and I rode in the backseat with my mom and we looked up and the kids were holding hands.  They do this quite often while we're riding in the car.  So sweet!

It rained for most of the week and we did the best we could to entertain ourselves while stuck inside.  Legos are always one of Bryce's favorite go-to activities.  More often than not, we're building towers.  I enjoy building houses better. 

The rain finally stopped on Thursday evening so Jason took Bryce on his first frog gigging adventure.  They happened to be back at the house where we flew kites.

Jason managed to get one and Bryce was very willing to hold it!  Once they get a few more, they plan to have frog legs for dinner one night.  I'll pass, thankyouverymuch!

Tonight we had ice cream for dinner.  We all ate lunch at different times today and Emmy took a really late nap, so it just seemed right to finish the night with ice cream!  Yum!

I must admit that it's kind of strange that this post consists of me with a fish with an arrow through it, Emmy "petting" a fish, and Bryce holding a frog.  I'm pretty sure Jason is beyond thrilled that we have all crossed over to the "dark side" and actually enjoy his manly hobbies!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Cute kids. Too much dead animal in this post for an uptight mama like me ;)