Friday, May 23, 2014

the graduate

I cannot believe Bryce is old enough to be graduating from preschool.  I remember when I dropped him off last year for his first day of school, I came home and thought, "What am I doing?  I've stopped working to be at home with the kids, and now I'm sending him away."  While it was hard at first, it was good for him, but boy did it go fast!
Barbara remembered last year that there wasn't really a chance to get good pictures of the kids in their cap and gown at the ceremony, so she volunteered to go in and take pictures of the kids.  I LOVE how they turned out. 

Class of 2014

I need to do a side by side of his first day of school this year with the chalkboard.

Even if Bryce learned nothing at preschool (which I know he learned tons), one of my biggest take-aways from his two years there was he formed a forever friendship with Thomas!  This and the Biblical teachings at his school will take him as far as he needs to go in life!  

The boys with Ms. Kim

The boys with Ms. Tammy.  I honestly have not been emotional during this life event (I think I will fall apart on the first day of kindergarten), but I did get teary eyed when I said goodbye to Ms. Tammy today.  She has loved on Bryce for the past two years and I am so grateful for her.
The ceremony began with all the classes singing a few songs.  This was a cute song called "Moving Up".  I only took a snippet because I didn't want to torture you with the obnoxious singing of some of the kids.
After singing their songs, the kids left the stage and got dressed in their caps and gowns.
He's officially a preschool graduate!
I'm a little biased, but he wore the cap and gown quite well if I do say so myself.
Emmy enjoyed the "show".
Proud Parents

Once we got home, we looked through all of Bryce's goodies and found his diploma!

The teachers were very generous and gifted the kids with some very thoughtful gifts, including a Bible.

Bryce's favorite gift this year and last was an album of pictures the teachers took throughout the year.  I personally love the self portrait from September to May. 

I very much appreciated his teachers' sweet comments on his report card!

Goodbye, Kitty's Kids. 

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Shipley Mommy said...

I truly believe that it was something divine that landed our two boys in the same place at this time in their little lives. Not only could they share such wonderful moments and new adventures together, but we got to do that too!

Bryce made a very handsome graduate and I know you and Jason are so proud of him.

Thank you for helping me through this day, and many others through out the past 2 years. Now, keep it up for Kindergarten too! ;)