Saturday, May 10, 2014

Moms' Night Out

I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom tonight and we had so much fun!  We did some shopping, had dinner at Chipotle, and then went to see Mom' Night Out!  Her cousin was in town so we asked her to join us for our fun evening!   
If you haven't heard about this movie, it's a faith-based film about the hectic lives of moms.  It was such a good, clean, funny movie that moms in all stages of life can relate.  I definitely recommend it.  Also, it was marketed toward the Mothers of Preschoolers organization (MOPS) and this year's theme was mentioned in the end!  I've had so much fun with my MOPS group this year and really suggest getting involved if you're a SAHM and need an outlet! 

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Shipley Mommy said...

Sounds like a great night. Glad you and your mom got some much needed girl time. I will have to see this movie at some point (although with the rate I get out, it will probably be OnDemand when I see it ;)