Friday, February 28, 2014

build a bear

The kids got Build a Bear gift certificates for their birthdays so we headed out to the mall today since Jason was off.  Bryce enjoyed filling his monkey with stuffing.
Checking to make sure he was done.

Emmy kept her distance during the stuffing process.

She wasn't too sure about the process and had to look to Daddy for reassurance. 

She took her kitty and ran when it was done!

They had their eye on the bath from the beginning!

Checking out the wall of all things Hello Kitty.

Bryce went for a football player theme.  First he chose Cowboys and then decided on Redskins.  I think Chase has a VERY similar monkey that enticed him.

Daddy even got in on the action!

Once we were done, Emmy felt the need to be a stuffed animal.  Silly girl.

Carrying off the loot!

Emmy took good care of "Kitty" as she named her and pushed her around the mall while we shopped!

Kitty and RG3 are happy to have a new home!

Another sweet day of memories with our little family!


Jodi said...

Build a Bear is such a fun place! I'd love to have my daughter's bday party there in a few years! A gift card to there is my go-to birthday gift for four and five year olds :)

Shipley Mommy said...

This is too cute! I bet they had a great time making their new friends. Awesome birthday gifts (I am always a fan of gifting experiences over toys :)