Sunday, February 2, 2014

a date with daddy

Bryce got a wooden Lowe's race car kit for Christmas and he loved building it with Jason.  I happened to look at the Home Depot website to see what their upcoming workshops would be this year.  It just so happened that the February project was the wooden Home Depot race car.  Bryce was super excited and couldn't wait to go with Jason.  Bryce's buddy Thomas goes each month so we made sure to coordinate with them!
Bryce just adores his daddy and wants to be JUST like him.

Such a fun time for the boys.

So proud of his work!  He couldn't wait to come downstairs this morning when he got up to go race it!

Best buds!

Thanks, Barbara, for capturing more great memories for me!


Sara said...

So fun :-) My girls love going to the workshops. This weekend at Lowe's they're building a Valentine note holder :-)

Shipley Mommy said...

Welcome as always! That last picture is my favorite too! They were making "vrooming" noises and racing their cars together--so precious!