Friday, February 7, 2014

Emmy's special day

I'd say Emmy had a pretty great 2nd birthday!
Bryce greeted her in her bed with his present as soon as she woke up.  He picked out more princesses for her Little People castle back at Christmas and couldn't wait to give them to her yesterday.

After birthday cake pop-tarts (yes, they're a real thing) and a few more presents, we headed to MOPS.  I had hoped to bring a birthday treat for her class, but the rules say no, so Barbara gave me some party hats to send in instead.  I even left my camera with the ladies so they could get some pictures for me! 

My sweet birthday girl.

We had family over after dinner for cake and ice cream.  We took Emmy to pick out her cake last weekend and she settled on Hello Kitty.

I'm not sure if she ended up blowing out the candle or if she had help, but she was so pleased!

Emmy fell in love with Chase's drums about a month back and Kelly and Dave made sure Emmy got a set of her very own.  So nice of them to give us such a LOUD gift.  Later in the night, the kids brought down other LOUD gifts (like a guitar and microphone which Kelly and Dave also happened to give us) so they could have a band.  Aren't we lucky?!?

But I guess you can't put a price on that smile and happiness that Emmy got from those drums!

We had a fun day celebrating Emmy and will continue on Saturday at her Romp N Roll birthday party!

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Shipley Mommy said...

What a happy birthday girl! As usual, your pictures come out so well! But, I love the last one where she is banging on the drums and her pony tails are flying the best.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!