Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bryce is FIVE

Bryce finally hit the big 0-5 milestone!
Weight: 38 pounds (25% percentile)
Height: 41 inches (10th percentile)  The doctor said he will probably be 5'7 or 5'8. 
Vision: 20/20
Blood pressure: 101/58
We pass Waffle House when we go to Walmart and Bryce is always wanting to go.  I'm not a fan of Waffle House, but Jason is.  Somehow in all our discussions about Waffle House (this came up back in September) it was decided that Bryce and Jason would go to Waffle House for breakfast on his birthday.  Daddy delivered and Bryce loved it!
I had bible study on Bryce's birthday so he and Emmy went to Nana and Pap's house.  Bryce was very excited to get his own tablet.  Jason had already loaded Angry Birds Go! on it and he was thrilled.  Nana and Pap took him to Stevie B's for his birthday lunch!

Bryce requested tortellini bake for his birthday dinner.  After dinner we went to Menchie's for dessert since he had gotten a gift card for his birthday.  MeMa met us there and gave Bryce $5 which he chose to use on the claw machine right next door at Kroger.  Bryce won his two items with his first $2.  Jason won his items at the SAME time with his first $1.

I just can't believe how far we've come in the past 5 years.  We are so proud of Bryce.  He is such a smart, kind, loving, responsible, mature, obedient five year old boy!  We're excited to see what kindergarten brings (even though I'd rather keep him in my bubble forever).

Jason took Bryce to Monster Jam last Friday night for his "little birthday" as he has deemed it over the past three years!

Bryce celebrated at school on Tuesday and Barbara was kind enough to drop off her camera so the teachers could get some shots for me. 

And finally, today was Bryce's well visit.  He opted at his four year visit to not get any shots and hold off until 5.  There has been much preparation for this event and he did GREAT!  You would not believe how impressed the nurses were.  He got two shots in his leg which didn't even phase him.  He flinched a bit at one shot in the arm and said "ouch to the other", but he never shed a tear.  We headed to Barnes and Noble afterwards for his free birthday treat and some train table time.  He also picked out a book with some of his birthday money he got!  I'd say he is one loved little boy and this probably went down as one of the best birthday celebrations ever!

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