Thursday, February 6, 2014

Emmy is TWO

Two year stats:
weight - 22.9 lbs (5th percentile)
height - 32 3/4 inches (25th percentile)

My how this girl has changed in the past few months.  Here are just a few things I can think of this month.   

Emmy was very slow to talk, but now she's finally putting words together to make sentences and communicating with us!

She has such a sweet personality.  She's so loving and caring and is always concerned about others' well being.  She gets very upset when other people are upset or hurt and she really worries about them.

I think she's going to be tidy just like her mama!  She is very good about putting things away and cleaning up an area when she leaves or picking up things that are out of place.

She is rocking potty training.  She has been wearing underwear for almost two weeks without any accidents.  I put her in a pull-up at nap time and so far, she has been dry when she wakes up.  She's in a diaper at night and wakes up dry some mornings, but not every morning!  She is very good about telling me when she needs to go potty and doesn't want to go unless she's ready!  We're even able to leave the house in underwear!!

Emmy loves to eat and she not picky like her brother was!

There will definitely be more pictures to come after we have all our celebrations tonight and Saturday.  Here's a little look back down memory lane!


Melissa said...

She looks so grown up! I'm jealous how well she's potty training. Keagan has almost no interest. Can't wait to celebrate Emmy's birthday tomorrow!!

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Shipley Mommy said...

It has been so fun watching you grow and learn over the past (almost) year. It has been our pleasure to get to know and play with you these months. What a sweet and feisty girl you are--so much fun to be around! Happy TWO!