Monday, February 3, 2014

a "super" weekend

We attended a Pump It Up birthday party for the second weekend in a row.  This is the 3rd party here for kids in his class.  His friend Briton had a SUPER hero party on Saturday.
Even though Bryce's classmates were at the Pump It Up party last weekend, he felt out of place because none of his best buds from class were there.  However, all his class friends (Thomas, Addison, and Henry) were at the party this weekend! 

Then there was the SUPER bowl on Sunday.  Chase and Taylor had a few leftover tattoos that they shared with Bryce.  I cringed as I watch Jason put these tattoos on Bryce's face.  However, I was very proud of him for telling Bryce they had to come off before school on Monday.  I have a tendency to wear off on him!! 

This little girl said "super bowl party" all night long!  Oh and she dressed herself!

A family from our church hosted the youth group at their house for the game so we tagged along with our kids since we are youth sponsors.  Bryce could have stayed in the "man cave" driving trains all night.

He looked like such a big boy controlling all the trains. 

I probably watched more of the game this year than I ever do, and it wasn't even a "game".  At any rate, it was a fun night!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Those trains look fun Bryce! Thomas would have had a blast there too! And, Emmy, you are lovely as always :)

I will keep my thoughts on the Super Bowl to myself as our house has always been and will always be a "Manning house." :)