Friday, February 21, 2014

jumpology birthday party

Bryce and his best buddy, Thomas, celebrated their 5th birthday with a joint party at Jumpology on Thursday. 
Bryce could not wait to jump in the foam pit.  He would have stayed there all day!

Bryce talked about the pit so much that Emmy couldn't wait for it either.  She ran down the trampoline and jumped right in!

We eventually left the pit and made it down to the trampoline floor.

Jason got the boys going on a game of dodge ball.  Bryce told me that was  his favorite part of the party!

We were only missing one friend from class. 

Only one person is allowed in the pit at a time, but our party director let all the kids jump in after they took their picture.  SO fun!!

Emmy made herself right at home with the girls from the class.  There are only three girls in Bryce's class.  Emmy filled the void of the third musketeer!

We went with a donut cake this year instead of real cake.  I think a lot less food was wasted this way!

The face of an almost five year old (who after 2 donuts was in a sugar coma).

The birthday boys!

Happy Birthday Bryce and Thomas!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Per usual, you got awesome pictures of our boys and their friends! This was such an awesome way to celebrate their special days. Thanks for the great idea to share! And, the doughnut cake (also you idea) was perfect. How much fun was it watching all them have so much fun?!!