Monday, September 1, 2014

the last day of summer

Not only is today Labor Day, but for our school system, it's the last day of summer vacation.  Tomorrow we start a new chapter..........kindergarten (and a long road of schooling).  We packed our day with fun to end summer with a bang!  First stop, Krispy Kreme for breakfast!
Today is opening day of dove season and Jason and Bryce were ready!  Bryce doesn't actually hold or shoot a gun yet, but he's got the dove call down pat!

With a little team work, they brought home two doves.  It was way too hot today to stay out long.

Our neighbors invited us over for a cookout this afternoon so we joined in for some pool time before heading to Jason's parent's house for a cookout for his sister's birthday.
We ended the night with the perfect book and prayers for Bryce's day tomorrow, his teacher, bus driver, and classmates.

I've had my sappy moments this week about the reality of Bryce going to kindergarten, but tonight I'm doing pretty well.  We'll see how it goes tomorrow, but with that smile on his face, I can sleep in peace tonight knowing that Bryce is excited for this new adventure!

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Shipley Mommy said...

My goodness you guys really did up the last day of summer! We kind of used ours as a down day. And, while the rest was awesome (what I did rest, I was obsessing about every detail of first day of school planning I could)--I kept feeling like we should be living it up!