Tuesday, September 2, 2014

first day of KINDERGARTEN

Bryce was super excited about today!
I have given up on dressing Bryce in clothes that I want him to wear and given in to his athletic look.  We did a little back to school shopping so he would at least have matching outfits since he's inclined to wearing any color/style basketball shorts with any color t-shirt.  I was pleased with his choice today!

He hopped on the bus and never looked back.  Of course, by bedtime, he was upset about the bus and wants me take him to school because he doesn't know anyone.  I told him he can't give up yet, so we'll see how this goes!  And that lunch box he's holding was misplaced by another teacher before he made it to his class so I got a call from the school at 9:30 today that Bryce didn't have a lunch.  Of course I was at Bible study, so my mom saved the day and took him a new lunch and bought him a new lunchbox! 

Luckily, I had planned a few surprises for Bryce when he got home from school and boy was I glad I did.  It was even more important after the whole lunch incident.  But sources tell me, the lunchbox has been found and will be returned to us tomorrow!

We may have also had a fun snack when he got home.  Don't mind the kitchen renovation going on in the background!

I had also already planned to fix his favorite dinner tonight too!

And it helped that he had his first baseball practice tonight and his cousin Chase, two preschool friends, and a teammate from last year are all on the team this year!  He was super excited to be reunited with everyone!  Hoping for an even better day tomorrow!


Niki said...

Hope he had a great second day!! Love the surprises you had for him and I am sure he loved it too. What bible study are you doing? Hope you are doing ok with your sweet boy being in Kindergarten!

Shipley Mommy said...

So glad he had a great (mostly) first day, and wonderful first week in Kindergarten. I know Thomas is loving having his best friend all day long.