Friday, September 19, 2014

it's great to be a kindergartener

Bryce was all smiles when he got home on Wednesday.  His class gets stickers for their buckets when they do things worthy of praise and he had filled his up by Wednesday and got to choose something out of the class treasure chest.  He chose this lion!
Also, a student is awarded the "outstanding musician award"  each week in music class.  Bryce won this week.  I am SO excited about his music teacher.  It just so happens that the music teacher at the school where I used to teach has to travel to Bryce's school for a few classes and out of all the kindergarten classes, he got to teach Bryce's.  He is one lucky little boy because he is an awesome teacher!

Later that day I sprung for a soft pretzel for the kids while we ran a quick errand at Walmart.  They have asked me for one ever since the pretzel place opened and I've never obliged.  I guess it was just their lucky day!

Bryce was not a big fan of the school bus after the first day.  By the end of the first week, he found a friend on the bus who lives in our neighborhood and is in his class.  They have become fast friends and couldn't wait for a play date.  Yesterday was the big day and they had lots of fun. 

Nanny took us to dinner and ice cream last night.  The kids enjoyed eating in the trunk since the outside benches were wet from the rain.

It's been a great week for these two!

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