Sunday, September 21, 2014

little road runner

Unlike either of his parents, Bryce enjoys running!  We got a flier in Bryce's school folder about Sunday races at our local park and thought Bryce would really love it.  Jason's cousin's daughter (pink dress) is in Bryce's class and her parents are runners so we figured she and her sister would participate so Bryce was game.  He was even able to talk Chase and Taylor into it too!
After quite a long wait, they finally called the kids over to tell them how things would work. 

Then there was stretching.

Then they were ready to go.  His age group ran the quarter mile.

The course started off downhill.  This was Bryce coming off the uphill. 

Here he is on the home stretch.  I have no idea how he placed or how long it took him, but he did a great job.

We have 4 more Sundays of races and all the kids will get medals at the end!

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