Monday, August 11, 2014

weekend re-cap

We started the weekend at a birthday party for our friend Maggie on Friday night. 
Bryce has been dying to bake our favorite red velvet chocolate chip cookies, but we never have chocolate chips because I may or may not eat them before they ever make it into cookies (just like refrigerator cookie dough).  We went to the store Saturday just for chocolate chips and came right home and made them.

Emmy is such a good girl and so go with the flow.  She never says a word in the mornings when she wakes up so I don't know if she's up unless I'm constantly checking the video monitor.  We decided to go ahead and transition her bed so she could get out of bed on her own in the mornings.  We didn't buy the toddler rail when we purchased this furniture for Bryce so we just used one of his old bed rails.  She doesn't have much room to get in and out, but it works!  She only got out of her bed once after the first bedtime and naptime and then she stayed in there jus like she was supposed to!

I took Bryce to get a haircut for a fundraiser for a friend of ours who was in a tragic accident (he has beat all the odds, and miraculously, he will be coming home soon).  They styled it a little more than I typically do, but he looked so handsome and ready for kindergarten!

I re-styled it when we got home and he looked more like my Bryceman.  Bryce has been doing chores all summer and he is such a good sport about it.  I've been pretty lax with it since it's just to help us stay on a routine and we really don't have incentives for completion.  However, he recently saw the Planes 2 movie and wants every single figurine from the movie!  He was luckily able to get a few from grandparents who spoil him rotten, but I made him work for this last one!  He filled EVERY space last week so I took him shopping after his haircut for his PRIZE!

Tonight we headed to Bryce's school for an ice cream social.  This is Jason's cousin's daughter who we hope will be in Bryce's class. 

And of course, Thomas, who we also hope will be in Bryce's class. 

And because this was a Bryce heavy post, here's a sweet picture of my accessorized girl one day last week.

Happy Monday!

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