Thursday, August 14, 2014

kitchen renovation

After four years in our house, I'm getting a little closer to my dream kitchen!  We had some helpers willing to help daddy get the process started.
First step, knocking out a kitchen wall to create a bar looking into the eat in kitchen/living room.

Bryce took the job very seriously!

This is the before picture.
We still have to take down the rest of the wall on the right side, but we're waiting for a friend who does electrical work to take care of that.  We're actually going to cut the wall down a little more once we take off the old backsplash because we'll be putting one flat piece of granite down for the new countertop. 
This is the back view from the eat in kitchen/living room before the hole was cut.

Here is the after picture.  I love how open it already looks!
These rooms are my inspiration.  I will be painting the cabinets white myself because new cabinets just aren't in the budget!

I ordered the granite today and it should be installed in about 3 weeks.  I'm not sure I can wait that long!

I'm so excited about how open the space will be now.  It will be a while before I have "after" pictures, but in the mean time, I will be picking paint colors for the kitchen and the living room since basically the entire downstairs will have to be painted because all of the rooms are connected!

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