Sunday, August 3, 2014

sandbridge 2014

We were lucky enough to spend another week of vacation at the beach with Jason's family last week.  This was our 6th trip to Sandbridge and it didn't disappoint.  It didn't take me long to find my spot in the sand with my first book of the trip!
The boys made a little pool and would have been fine to stay there all day.

It didn't take much play time on the first day to wear Emmy out. 

After the first day, I lost track of the days so the rest of these pictures our probably out of order.

These kick boards were the highlight of the week!  They were even more fun in the pool, which I didn't manage to get any pictures of!

The boys took a trip on the paddle board one day.

The weather was actually fairly cool for the beach last week so we spent a lot of time wrapped in our towels (especially after getting out of the water).

She didn't get very wet, but she needed wrapping up too!

Love this boy!

One of my favorite pictures.

The kids each had their own beds, but both found their way into our beds once.  She's so cute, but I'm SO not good at sleeping with kids in our bed.

Bryce tested out the bunk bed the last night once Chase and Taylor had left.

MeMa and her girls.

These two played really well together!

There were a few ice cream visits (or gummy bears, if you're Emmy).

There is a great playground that we visited a few times.

So much fun.

Bryce insisted I get a picture of him on this.

There was fishing on the pier.  Bryce caught a fish, but it managed to fall off the hook before it was all the way in.  Some how, it landed on the deck underneath us. 

I got a picture for proof that he really did catch something.
I took advantage of any quiet time I got and was able to finish two books on vacation!
Poor Emmy had a run in with an accidental peanut butter cookie while we were gone and it was more than these amateur allergy parents could handle.  We were lucky enough to not need her epi pen, but she needed a steroid because Benadryl didn't do the trick.  It was quite scary, but she handled it like a champ and was rewarded with a Target shopping spree once she was feeling better!
I'll leave you with a video of Bryce boogie boarding!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Well, life's an adventure isn't it?! So glad that Emmy is okay, and that she handled this little "hiccup" on your vacation so well. And, I am sure that sun and the books were enough to rest and relax you at least some (notice I didn't say sand--I know you aren't a fan ;) And, the pictures are super cute--except the nasty fish one. Glad you had an overall good time, and glad you are back!