Monday, August 18, 2014

just popping in

The picture on the left popped up on my time hop one day last week so I staged the kids for a "2 years later" picture. 
The Jeep has been a great source of entertainment for the kids.  Jason rigged up the wagon on the Jeep and Emmy loved being pulled around the yard.

Bryce had another successful week of chores last week.  We hit up the monster truck aisle at Walmart today for a prize!

Jason saw a turtle crossing the road on his way home from work today so he picked it up and brought it home to show the kids.  After checking him out, they put him in the back yard to make his escape.  They named him Digger as he tried to dig under our fence.  He was still in the yard when they last checked on him.  I bet he'll be gone in the morning.

Happy Monday!

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