Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the zoo

We took advantage of the cooler weather yesterday and headed to the Metro Richmond Zoo.  The kids had tons of fun seeing and interacting with the animals.
For a small, local zoo, they really have a great variety of animals. 


You can feed animals all along the way, but the giraffes are one of the main attractions.

Emmy was brave with MeMa, but the second we put her down, she let us know how she really felt about the giraffes.

I was so proud of Bryce for being brave and feeding the giraffe.
 We always buy a special stick to feed the birds.  I however, am never the brave one who holds it to feed them. 

Bryce sure does amaze me the older he gets.  I jump as soon as those birds get close to me.  Especially when they go whizzing by head at 90 miles an hour!
We had a great day.  This is always Jason's favorite day of the summer, but he had to work this year.  We missed him, but the kids made him proud!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Birds on a stick!! Love it, and the picture is priceless. And, now I am even more jealous we didn't go--I LOVE giraffes and I have always wanted to feed one. Good job brave Bryce!!