Sunday, August 11, 2013

Emmy is 18 months old

Emmy girl you are one and a half!  How is that even possible?
Emmy turned 18 months on the 6th, but we didn't have our well visit until the 9th, and I'm just now getting around to taking pictures and posting stats. 
Height: 31 inches (25th-30th)
Weight: 20lbs 4oz (3rd-5th)

We talked to the doctor about a possible peanut allergy.  She had a couple of different reactions to peanut butter that have us concerned.  The pediatrician wrote us a prescription for an epi pen, but I decided not to purchase it when the pharmacist told me it would be $280.  We were given an allergist to contact so I think we'll visit them to learn a little more information before investing in the epi pen! 

This girl is such a ham.  She is shy, but also sweet and sassy!

She's showing a bit of interest in potty training, but I think we're a long ways off from that.  I knew she had to poop the other day so I was able to get her on the potty in time and she was successful.  She was in the bathtub the other day and said pee pee so I took her out and sat her on the potty and sure enough, she had to go!

She is experimenting with more words, but I'm only able to decipher most of them because I know what I'm trying to get her to say!  She's working on all 4 canines and then she will have all of her teeth except for the 2 year molars.
HERE is Bryce at 18 months!


Shipley Mommy said...

Emmy you are such a cutie pie! I hope you don't have an allergy though, I know what a terrifying experience it will likely be for you mama!

Good luck with potty training!

PS: thank you for liking that outfit! I loved it too! :)

Silver Lining Decor said...

Grace, she is just precious!! Happy 18 months Emmy!