Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on friday

I'm excited to be linking up with 5 on Friday again this week.  I'm having fun adding some variety to the blog with 5 on Friday, but I tell you,!  The links, getting pictures from my phone to the computer, HTML (why has pinterest made things so hard?), and just coming up with five things that you might find interesting about my daily/weekly goings on! 

ONE - Pink Stripe Mason Jar: My friend Kathryn gave me this fun cup for my birthday and I just LOVE it.  She said it best "I could drink anything out of this and it would make me happy".  How could it not?!  And the best part is that it's insulated really well and drinks stay cold for a long time.

TWO - Chocolate peanut butter √©clair cake - I pinned this a long time ago and finally decided to make it for our small group this week.  It was SO good.  I'm not sure why I waited so long to try it, but it won't be long before I make it again.  YUM!

THREE - Chevron Maxi Dress - I'm always really late in catching up with the latest fashions (like they're probably on their way out of style by the time I get to them) and when I do, they don't usually look good on me.  However, this week I found a Chevron Maxi dress with color (I usually stick with black and white) and it actually fit and looked good (to me at least).  I can't wait to wear it! 

FOUR - Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer - I really started noticing dark circles under my eyes after Emmy was born.  I really don't think it's from lack of sleep, just age and probably some sun damage.  They were probably there since Bryce was born, but I just now decided to do something about it.  Can you believe I'm 31 years old and I've never thought to use concealer, ha?!  I went to Ulta the other day and the nice lady at the Clinique counter found me the perfect solution to my problem.  I felt like a million bucks after putting on my make up the next day! 

FIVE - My hubby - Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary!!  If you don't know our story, we started dating in high school when we were 14.  We dated all through high school and then both went to Virginia Tech our freshman year of college.  We got engaged that Christmas!  We eventually both ended up back at home and going to VCU.  We got married our senior year of college and here we are 10 years later!  I am so thankful for Jason and could not imagine my life without him!

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A Wedding Story said...

I think your dress looks great! I like the color combo of the chevron.

Happy Anniversary!

Where did Katy get the sippy? I think I might need to add one to my own birthday list!

Melissa said...

Cute dress, and I love the cup! Happy anniversary to you and Jason!

Oh, and that dessert was delicious!

Miranda said...


LOVE LOVE LOVE that cute mason jar mug! It would definitely make drinking water more fun! :)