Friday, August 16, 2013

Bryce day #2

Back in December we had a "Bryce day" because we noticed that Bryce was acting out for attention because Emmy was requiring a lot of my attention then.  He loved it and it made a huge difference in his behavior.  Bryce has been eagerly awaiting the movie Planes so we decided it was time for another Bryce day.  Only this time, it was planned just because it's a fun tradition we wanted to continue!
I had bought him one of the planes from the movie to give him as an added bonus for the day, but he bought some of the micro drifters planes with some money he had earned, and then Jason's parents bought him a set, so I decided to take the plane back and let him pick out another set to add to his collection.  He only needs one more set to complete them.  He carried his bag of planes around all night.

This display caught his attention back when we went to see Monsters University so we've been counting down the days until it came out!

Bryce picked out Swedish fish at Target to bring to the movie, but Jason and I splurged on popcorn and drinks!

Bryce chose Chick Fil A for dinner after the movie.

Bryce started the day off at the dentist.  Not really a fun part of Bryce day, but he did great.  Poor thing has two cavities, so we'll be visiting a pediatric dentist to have them filled.


Courtney B said...

I LOVE this idea! When we have more kids I'm going to have to remember this!
What a perfect day (minus the dentist) for your little guy.
You have a BEAUTIFUL family!

Shipley Mommy said...

Boo on the cavities! But, yea for Bryce day!! What a wonderful day. I often try to take one or the other to do something by themselves, but having both parents take them alone is much more special. I shall add it to the "to-do" list. What a great day to celebrate your big guy!