Saturday, August 10, 2013

shoes, shoes and more shoes

Sometimes there's just nothing better to blog about than shoes!  I enjoy shopping for shoes, but I don't have the budget to have lots of fun shoes or designer brands.  I mostly just have staple shoes for summer and winter (flats, boots, and sandals).  This last month has been uncharacteristic for us as we've brought lots of new shoes into the house!
 A friend let me borrow her knock off Jack Rogers for my birthday since she had gotten some real ones and I was obsessed.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the shoe smarts when Target sold the knock off version and now I don't have the budget for the name brand.  So I've been on a search for a gold sandal and I found this fun pair from Aldo last week.

I'm finally going to attempt to rock the cowboy boot.  I picked up this cute pair at Target the other night.  Here's my dilemma though: they are girl's, not women's.  They fit great, but I'm concerned they aren't tall enough.  I'm fairly short (5'3), but I'm not sure what the normal boot height should be on my leg.  Thoughts?

Emmy has grown out of her first pair of tennis shoes so I've been on the hunt for a cute pair.  I recently joined the neon trend and bought myself a hot pink pair of tennis shoes with similar soles.  Target had so many cute options for Emmy, I agonized for a while, but I finally chose this fun purple pair!

Bryce wants me to take Emmy's back and get her this pair because they are the same as his, but different colors.

Bryce goes through tennis shoes (not because he outgrows them, but because he wears them out).  We get some handed down, but I kind of enjoy picking out shoes for him.  I usually buy them at Walmart, Payless, or Target so I don't spend much on them.  We've been on an orange kick so I switched gears and got him this green and gray pair from Target.

My mom was buying crocs the other day and said they were such a great deal she wanted to get a pair for Bryce.  I had seen these a while back, so I asked her to get these!  Bryce is in love!  He's been switching shoes all day and wearing the crocs for a while and then his tennis shoes, ha! 

I spent all summer trying to find Bryce a pair of shoes to wear to church in the summer.  He didn't want a sandal because he got rocks in his shoes when he played on the playground.  I tried numerous pairs of canvas slip on shoes and none of them fit the bill.  However, my mom (who has better taste in shoes and the money to spend on them), branched out of our usual shopping spots and found these adorable Sperry boat shoes.  He loves them!  I think he's all set for back to school.

And since the rest of us got new shoes, Jason had to get some too!  Bryce picked these for him at Target. 
So while we're not all name brands and latest trends, we try to show some uniqueness in our footwear!

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Niki said...

I have the same sandals in tan from Aldo and they are seriously the most comfortable (and cute) sandals!! And I also have cowboy boots about that height as well and they are a great length for us short girls :) I think you'll love them!! Good finds!