Friday, March 1, 2013

welcome march

I had fun celebrating Bryce and Emmy's birthdays and Valentine's day in February, but I'm so glad March is here.  I'm looking forward to longer days and hopefully more sunshine!  March got off to a good start tonight with a much needed girl's night!  Some friends from my small group went to Carrabba's for dinner tonight.  I'm not sure I've ever been, but it was good.  We agreed to shorten our wait for a table by choosing to sit on the "heated" patio.  Big.Mistake.  We sat directly under a heater, but it was still cold.  We were a little frozen when we left, but also refreshed after a dinner with friends that didn't consist of entertaining children!
I'm in the market for a new car.  We bought my car new in 2005 and Jason told me I would have to drive it until the wheels fell off.  That sounded fine at the time, but now I want something with a third row in order to accommodate more people.  I have my eye on a Honda Pilot (we're going used this time).  The only problem is that I need to get my 4 wheel drive fixed (that the dealership broke) so it will be worth selling.  Only problem is the warranty will only cover part of the problem and I don't want to spend money to fix it just to turn around and sell it.  Guess I'll keep dreaming for a while.

I just saw a commercial for the Shamrock shake.  I had one of these last year, but I don't remember if I liked it.  Guess I need to try it again and see!
Do you ever go through phases where you want new stuff?  Expensive stuff?  Like new cars, ha!  I guess since I never buy anything anymore, I dream of lots of stuff.  This next thing is more of a need as opposed to a want.  Our computer is on the fritz and may die at any moment.  I want to switch to a macbook but Jason does too many things for work on the computer that are much easier on windows.  Guess he'll win this battle!  

Emmy is having her 2nd sleepover and Bryce and Jason are at Monster Jam.  I'm enjoying my night on a heating pad under a blanket watching "brideday" on TLC....still trying to warm up from dinner.

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