Thursday, March 7, 2013

more snow

Hopefully this is the last of the snow!!  I personally am ready for spring, but I think Bryce would be happy to build a snowman once a month!  It rained most of the morning yesterday, but then turned to snow mid-morning.  This is what our backyard looked like after the snow started.

About two hours later the snow had really accumulated!

Bryce couldn't wait to get out and play so I let him skip a nap so we could play while Emmy napped.  I tried to convince him that it wouldn't be fun to play because it was so windy, but he didn't buy it!  I pulled him on the snow dish, we built a snowman (which he refused to stand by for a picture), and I shoveled the sidewalk and porch before heading in to get warm.  We were dripping wet when we came in because it was still snowing.

A bubble bath on a snow day is always fun!

I'm excited about daylight saving time and 60 degrees this weekend!

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