Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend fun

The weather this weekend was just gorgeous!  It was a bit of a tease since it's going to be rainy tomorrow and the temperature is going to drop, but it was nice while it lasted! Saturday we washed my car and then Taylor came over to play for a while.  

Sunday after church we trimmed bushes and Bryce was quite the helper. One day he won't think it's that much fun!

The trash was too full with all the trimmings so Jason used Bryce to pack it down.

It worked.

We let him play a little after all his hard work, ha!  We also had popsicles, if you couldn't tell from his mouth!

Today was the last of the nice weather so we went for a wagon ride after naps.

The nice weather might not be here to stay yet, but the longer days are!

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